Ppl putting heart eyes at bae are getting blocked









Facebook is putting drag queens in danger by forcing them to use their real names

Facebook should read up on its queer history: You never want to mess with drag queens.
Claiming the use of legal names will “keep our community safe,” Facebook has begun shutting down the profiles of individuals who do not to use their “real” or legal names when creating and logging into their accounts. The new requirement is drawing the ire of many in the LGBT community who argue it is a policing tactic that could be harmful to both artistic and queer communities. 
How you can join the fight against Facebook

I like how this is focused on Drag Queens instead of trans women, women who are leaving abusive relationships, closeted non-het/non-cis people, you know people who legit might die cause of bullshit like this.

You remember the trans women who works for facebook? The one who made the new gender options? Yeah right now shes fighting this, for us. Shes fighting her own employer to make things right. I just thought you should know.

What trans woman who works at fb?!

Her name is Brielle Harrison. Shes been responsible for the terf pages getting banned and has been a huge help in getting facebook to change policy. 

So what you’re saying is that once again drag performers are putting on a show while a trans woman gets things done.

Ouch lol


chantelle brown-young at ashish ss15
When a curious fan inquired about the possible contents of unlabeled floppy disks held at the Andy Warhol museum, a team of experts discovered 28 never-before-seen digital paintings that were made by Warhol on his 1980s Amiga 1000 pc.

I’m gonna gonna cosplay ikuro one day


rigby: singing thinking about u over skype 


Remember Free Weezy

yabou no hate wo mezasu mono NIIIIIIIIIIIIII

*whisper* ikenie wo

I’ve been listening to Sentai openings and having feels I need to rewatch gokaiger and kyoryuger and catch up on toqger